For mysterious places/9

We begin this evening a trip of three episodes inside an abandoned place; words this place would require many, even many images and are those that we have caught in the whole of that immense building that we will soon visit. Let’s start with the words!

A few days ago, we entered FotografiaErrante in the company of our greatest friend, in an immense area of ​​the extreme Roman suburbs that had been destined since 2004 by politics to become “The City of Rugby”. A rugby course and a football field, fitness areas, swimming pools of all kinds, for adults, kids and children, as well as a huge guesthouse for rugby athletes are planned. The investment was nothing short of huge: € 30 million of which 95% guaranteed by a bank guarantee from the municipality of Rome. Well, to make a long story short, do you want to know how it ended? In 2013 the works were suspended, the private entrepreneur packed up and stopped paying the loan, the area was completely abandoned and the city of Rome found the classic hot potato in his hand. But go!

However, this is not the only case; in Rome there are several, about seventy, of places granted to private entrepreneurs to create quality works (as they called them), which have taken mortgages and then they are eclipsed, leaving to the municipality a debt of a total of 600 million euros , to be paid, of course, with the money taken from the pockets of citizens!

But our purpose is not to denounce the nefariousness committed to the community, but the much more limited, even if we claim to have a minimum cultural value, to make known the ferment that hatches in the environment of the cultural avant-garde of the city of Rome. We come then to the purpose of our visit in this immense and desolate abandoned place. Inside, if not all, most of the relatives keep what is called a “piece”, a work of writing. During our visit, which premettitated premeditated and then carried out without the necessary technical support, we found over sixty works that we now begin to review. Probably some environments we have not even visited and who knows if we can ever do it.

We also do not recommend to anyone, to make a visit to the site; not recommended due to the excessive danger of the routes to be carried out both due to the lack of protection of the differences in height and to the slipperiness of the pavement that occurred on our skin through a ruinous fall, fortunately without serious consequences.

The visit began with a gallery that dominated the swimming pools; we visited those that had to be the rooms of the guest house (today’s images); then we will go to the gym, then down into the basement and we will end the journey by returning to the pools level. Good vision!


the first impact with the environment

now we begin to introduce ourselves in the environments of the immense complex, the light is little, it’s raining outside, but the colors of the pieces dazzle us


We start our journey:



In passing through the rooms of the guesthouse at a certain point we arrive on a very slippery terrace, where we found a very nice puppet:


as we arrived

the puppet


The written part next to it


And now the last two pieces today, with the last we arrived at the gym

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