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Here we are again, like last night, to visit the city of rugby in Rome, designed, financed, but never realized, in the sense that a lot of money has been invested, about 30 million euro lent by the banks to the shift building which, made speculation has stopped paying the mortgage, so much so the city of Rome (e.g. citizens).

But let’s get to the pieces on this site; last night we had just arrived at the huge gym. Never seen such a thing, it is so big and high that we think it can easily contain a jetliner, like those who use Ryanair to take us for a walk around Europe.

                                                                                                     two walls are in glass, two painted

The first:

now we can see it in detail:



Here is the second wall:

Also in detail:




Now let's go to the premises behind the gym, probably where there were the changing rooms and outbuildings





See you tomorrow, when we go down to the service level (this piece of Starz is a taste) and we'll get to the pools!

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