For mysterious places / 11

And here we are at the final rush of our Tour de Force in one of the most fascinating abandoned places of the boundless Roman suburbs; remember that we have already spent two evenings inside what was supposed to be the “City of Rugby” and that instead has become one of the many abandoned places to decay after having glued on it!

Please note that our visit is also not intended to report the financial and cultural violence that are perpetrated behind the defenseless citizens, but has the sole purpose of presenting to the fans of street art, the pieces made within the structure from the street artists.

We resume our journey where we left it yesterday, when we left the gym / hangar; now we are on the lower floor, that of services, every now and then we will have to go out to be able to pass in other environments. Finally, we will go up to the pools and from there, we will go out where we entered.

To ensure that the report of our trip to the City of Rugby is exhaustive, we are forced to present a large package of images; we hope not to bore the visitors of the “FotografiaErrante” project too much. Good vision!


at the drying room: the two most dated pieces of the site

laundry room




one of the many warehouses



pieces of 2016


n the ramps for the thermal power plant


Now we re-imbibe and arrive in the belly of the mastodon:




We reemerge again, a breath of air ……………

……………… and running down the huge parking lot to see the only piece present


The journey comes to an end, we go back to the pools:




And now we leave where we entered, we turn around and here are the two guardians of the site:

Selet e Tadh


in the foreground


We finish in beauty, presenting a segment of the 36 hectares of the park of relevance:

as well as the thermal and operating systems of the system



a greeting from the City of Rugby

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