The wheat milling plant / 13

Yesterday, while during one of our memorable raids in abandoned places we were looking for pieces of hypercontemporary pictorial art, we had a pleasant meeting. Having unearthed a couple of days ago a new, unfinished site, full of stunning things (we will shortly publish a comprehensive photographic overview), yesterday we decided to  relax climbing the many stairs that go up and down the floors of the post-Soviet building that is the now famous   wheat milling plant. During this visit, we found 0707 who, this time helped by a very nicefan, was painting a piece of art composed of two imaginary portraits, a girl and a young man. The title of the work is grandiloquent and very challenging: “Schism” . But let us go step by step; we will present the piece of 0707 in tomorrow’s article. This evening we will present the pieces that appeared at the “mill” in the last months of 2017 which, due to our negligence, we have not yet presented in our FotografiaErrante. It is now time to remedy.

We begin our overview with a double piece made on December 17 by two of our dear students/ artists friends, Other and Riky Boy; this is their piece: on the left Riky Boy, on the right Other:


In the following images we see the two artists at work, some details and the environment respectively.


Riky Boy                                                                                                                           Other





the exhibition space (on the right old piece of 0707)


That same day there was also Qwerty who was giving the final touches to two of his pieces made on the outer walls of the building; here they are:


The two artworks of Qwerty

On the building


We lower the curtain on the year 2017 with the last work that featured in the location in 2017: it is a piece of 0707, appeared on 23 december.

the piece


in the environment

0707 at work

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