The wheat milling plant / 14

This evening  we will, as promised, present piece crafted on Saturday by 0707 in the abandoned industrial mill on the outskirts of Rome. This time the wall is part of the vast outdoor walls of the building, which has impressive dimensions. It could easily contain a 8-store building with at least 200 apartments of average size.  You will see that, even though 0707’s work has a considerable dimension ( around 5 meters of length for 4 meters of height), it looks like a miniature nestled in a baroque jewel.

After a short tour of the halls, to check that everything was in the right place:


We then found the artist, together with an assistant (whom you can see on the ladder below), in a moment of relax, taking a picture of his work in progress.



Once resumed our walk around the site, when we returned we found the work completed that we now enjoy.

0707’s piece, titled “Schism”


the two components of the piece that only now have the opportunity to observe each other


And now, before our next visit to this place where time seems to have stopped, we allow ourselves a few shots in freedom!






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